Woof, woof…Grrrr

If you understand that you must be a DOG Lover…As we all Know Dogs come in all Shapes and Sizes. Except my First Dog ‘Blackie’ named for,”Boston Blackie” my first TV Hero. My dog, he was Invisible. My Grandmother, that Owned the House we lived in Said “NO Dogs” So being a Kid I had a Made-up Dog. He was Smart, but he could not fetch the Ball. But he would Listen to me. What did he look like you ask…He was Big, Black and Strong, kind of like a Black Lab.

Well after grandma went to the Great Garden in the Sky, I got my Wish. A Mixed Black Lab. Called Laddie…He was what they call “a good ole dog”  He passed on to doggy heaven while I was in the Navy. Buy that time, and my Mother Feeding Him. He had Stopped Looking like “a Lean Mean Fighting Machine”. But a Large, Blind, Fat Black Bear. That thought he Owned the Neighborhood…

Just a side Note while I was in the Navy, my Mother missed having Laddie around. And my younger brother was at the age he could be responsible for a dog(wrong). Anyway they got ‘Barney’, no he was Not Purple. A mix of Pointer/Setter a (poinsettia) I’m sorry, I could not resist. But very close to the Truth, Dam Dog was afraid of it’s own shadow. I don’t like saying it but he was Totally Useless, great for Eating Table Scraps…

Wile I was in the Navy, I had Read about different Dog Breeds and had decided that I wanted a Weimararaner . This is the Breed that Best fit what I was going to use it for.

The Weimaraner's coat color led to its nicknam...

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When they are young they seem to be All Legs and Ears. As pups they are Very clumsy, they tend to step on their Ears. And Trip over their own Legs.

As they get Older their Intelligence Starts to Show. Wile they are Puppy’s they have Blue Eyes, that can Melt the Strongest Hearts.

They are Basically a one Person Dog, but do well in a Family Setting. They are Great with Kids, Infants and Toddlers. They tend to Adapt into Family Life Very Easily.

Once they are on the Bed, it’s theirs. People are just there to keep them Warm.

If you plan to Show you Dog, I have nothing to Offer. I do know that they take a lot of Championships in the Show Ring Circuit.

I have Trained my Dogs for Hunting this is what they were Bred for. Originally for Running down Large Game. They have Webbed Paws for Swimming and what is called a Soft Mouth. They can be Trained NOT to Crush something they are Retrieving…Also Helps around Kids, I have seen a Weime hold on to a child without breaking the Skin many times. If you are Near Water your Weime thinks Like a Duck…

Even if there is nothing in the Water for them to Retrieve they will try and find something. I had a Weime that would bring me back Trout. Had to Stop Taking him out during Fishing Season. If it’s in the Water and they think you want it, they will get it. Even in the Ocean.

One of my Greatest Joys is Watching a Weimaraner in Open Field Running or on a Beach. There is Such Power in their Legs, they may not be as fast as some dogs. But not many other Dogs are NOT as Agile in broken field movements.

They also have a Very Strong Sense of Smell, very good at picking up Game Trails and Hiding Places. I have seen other Dogs work over a Brush Pile and not even Stop. And then a Weime come along and Dive into it and put up a Few Birds.

Also I have them try and go up a Tree after a Squirrel…

When they are on the Hunt Look Out…You have 70 to 100 lbs. of Mussel coming at you 40 to 50 MPH.

You can NOT out Run these Dogs…I know a few thieves that found out the Hard way. The funny thing about a Weime they can Bark…but sometimes they will let a Stranger get with-in there Attack Zone, then look out. As an Adult their Eyes have changed from Blue to Yellow….A lot of times that is enough to Frighten People…

If need be these dogs can and will “KILL”…I once was walking my Favorite Hunter ‘Gus’ on a 6 foot leash. When he was Attacked by two Dobermans.

We were walking on the sidewalk section when the Male Doberman jumped from the Grass area and bit into ‘Gus’ in the Right Rear hind quarter. Before I could let go of the leash, ‘Gus’ had turned his body and Bit down on the Males Snout(noise)I could hear it Cracking under the Pressure of his Bite. As the Male backed off, its noise(snout) came off in ‘Gus’s’ mouth.The whole upper Jaw was gone. As that was happening the Female(mother) came off the wall and Bit ‘Gus’ High in the Back of the Neck. Some how ‘Gus’ dropped his head under the(mother) Doberman and was able to Bite into it’s Throat and Rip that out. This took all of about 20 Seconds. Scared the Hell out of me. All Gus had were some Puncture wounds….He just stood there Shaking and the Ridge of Fur(hair) that stands up on their backs when these dogs are in a Fighting Mode was up like I had never seen it. It was like a Black Stripe.

When I think about my Beloved  Weimaraner’s and all the Memories and the Hunts we had. Or just Laying around the House…

and at Guard Duty on the Patio Deck I Built…Watching into the Darkness…To keep my Family Safe….


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