This is something I came across…I do not know it’s Title or Who wrote It…
But I Think it is Beautiful and says so much…
“Once, I had awareness of everything and it was Beautiful
I went searching for something to do and I spotted Earth and asked if I could go for awhile.
Little did I know the trauma that would be involved!
There was such a tiny way of getting there and I found myself being squeezed so tight in an entry called
birth, that it robbed me of the memory of where I was before.
I was pressed into, imprisoned, in an object called a body, and there wasn’t any room for all of
It was so different, so new, so small.
I was at a loss with out my memory.
I had to start anew, as the things within my trap were all that is.
This thing I live in, called a body, took some time
to function well.
It had to learn to walk and talk and give me space
to be.
I was given a piece of machinery called a mind.
How inadequate it was!
All it could do was throw out choices , two at a time.
I had to choose which one worked and which one wouldn’t.
If only I could have brought my memory along,
I would have done so well but losing it was the price I payed
for coming here to live on earth.
Now, I’ve been here many years and little by little, my memory is coming back.
Not always, but from time to time, I see a glimpse of how it used to be.
Maybe that’s a sign, my job on Earth is near to being done.
Maybe soon, I’ll squeeze back through another tight and tiny place called “Death”,
where I’ll return free again,
To continue being

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