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July 23, 2013

Land Crabs….

Must be that time of the Year…I had gone to the VAMC today for some PT and a Walk in App. with the Pulmonary Doc’s….This is one of those Apps. that you make because you Canceled last months meeting…which in turn was a make-up meeting for the one the month before. That one was to go over my CT Scan….I figure if they don’t come looking for me, then there is NO problem…

So I get home, and it’s all quite, and I’m doing some Paper work @ the Man Cave Desk/Workbench/Dinning Table. And I hear a noise like something is Moving things around by the Cable and power Connectors…
A little bit later I hear a sound in the Kitchen, I looked around just in time to see my walker move ever so slightly…

I see a NEW Room Mate….

visitor 002

This one’s just a Baby…

visitor 009visitor 008

This Guy put up a Good Fight, But with my Superior Intellect, I was able to over power him. Waterboard him and send him on to Washington….

June 12, 2013

Monsoon Season

Well it’s Hurricane, Monsoon Season….down here in the Appendix of the USA. Or as you wish, Miami (a third world country)in Southern Florida. I know that into every ones life, a little Rain must Fall. But sometimes it makes you Crazy….This Morning it was Beautiful about 78°, Light Ocean Breeze and Extreme Sunshine….now at Noon we are under Extreme Thunder Storm Watch w/Lightning. Always with the Lightning….It’s 12:30pm and it’s so Dark the outside Light’s of the Building just came On.


As I Took a break for Lunch nothing fancy….Kung Foo Noodles…Add Water and Nuke..

As I was saying about the Weather, it’s 1:30pm now. Wile I was Eating, some fool is out side in the Rain on a Ride around Mower, cutting the Grass or what Passes for Grass here. Then he just came back with a Leaf Blower… It’s Still Raining,  thundering, and now and then I see a Distant Flash. Hopefully it will pass in a few Hours…