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September 6, 2013

It’s Friday Night…

It’s Friday  Night…My Birthday Month…Sepetember is normally a bad Emotional month for me. And it has already started, My Mother-in Law from my First marriage just Passed. I got along with her and she was a Good Shipmate…she was in the Navy during WWII. When I get Emotional I get Cooking…

So tonight I Made: saute Bay Scallops w/Pimientos, Two Crab Cakes and Freedom Frys…with a Side of Sweet Coleslaw.Fri 9-6 002

July 23, 2013

Land Crabs….

Must be that time of the Year…I had gone to the VAMC today for some PT and a Walk in App. with the Pulmonary Doc’s….This is one of those Apps. that you make because you Canceled last months meeting…which in turn was a make-up meeting for the one the month before. That one was to go over my CT Scan….I figure if they don’t come looking for me, then there is NO problem…

So I get home, and it’s all quite, and I’m doing some Paper work @ the Man Cave Desk/Workbench/Dinning Table. And I hear a noise like something is Moving things around by the Cable and power Connectors…
A little bit later I hear a sound in the Kitchen, I looked around just in time to see my walker move ever so slightly…

I see a NEW Room Mate….

visitor 002

This one’s just a Baby…

visitor 009visitor 008

This Guy put up a Good Fight, But with my Superior Intellect, I was able to over power him. Waterboard him and send him on to Washington….

July 13, 2013

And you wonder…

And you Wonder why I’m Crazy. I Just got through Reading about a Story, I Poster in FB, Yesterday. It seems there is a restaurant in San Francisco; Called Bacon, Bacon…It was closed down last week. ABC Local TV News Reported about it Yesterday…

Then Today I see CNBC Posting about It being Closed Today.

The Only Problem is that, ABC was reporting that Bacon, Bacon had Won in Court to Remain Open…

This is Why…I get a little Crazy…

July 4, 2013

Maybe it is my EGO

Maybe it is my EGO, but I have been getting P*ssed Off Lately. I know that there is Nothing I can do about it alone. Except maybe Rant and Rage or Howel in the Wilderness.

But it’s more or less about the younger Generation Lack of concern about other People and their Lives. It seems that they Care Nothing about their Fellow Man. Just what they can get for themselves with little on No Labor…the Quick chuckle at someone’s expense, And the Hell with the Consequence…

Case in Point the Trevor Martin Case, and these Fools Setting Up a Phone Call from an Expert giving Testimony in Court. Making a joke out of our Court System of Justice….

Wether you Believe him or Not, Things like this just sets up an Appeal for him if he louses…and Cost the Taxpayer more Money…and It seems as if the Media, just keeps this Sh*t Up in Peoples Faeces….I am Open Minded to Funny things or should I say, I am more Liberal Minded then a lot of my Friends…but that is Stupid.    End of Rant….


June 12, 2013

Monsoon Season

Well it’s Hurricane, Monsoon Season….down here in the Appendix of the USA. Or as you wish, Miami (a third world country)in Southern Florida. I know that into every ones life, a little Rain must Fall. But sometimes it makes you Crazy….This Morning it was Beautiful about 78°, Light Ocean Breeze and Extreme Sunshine….now at Noon we are under Extreme Thunder Storm Watch w/Lightning. Always with the Lightning….It’s 12:30pm and it’s so Dark the outside Light’s of the Building just came On.


As I Took a break for Lunch nothing fancy….Kung Foo Noodles…Add Water and Nuke..

As I was saying about the Weather, it’s 1:30pm now. Wile I was Eating, some fool is out side in the Rain on a Ride around Mower, cutting the Grass or what Passes for Grass here. Then he just came back with a Leaf Blower… It’s Still Raining,  thundering, and now and then I see a Distant Flash. Hopefully it will pass in a few Hours…


May 2, 2013

Glub, glub…

That’s Miamiease, for can it ‘get’ any Wetter…We are entering into our Monsoon Season. And it can get worse for Me…the Sky is Falling or better yet the Bathroom Ceiling I have Black Mold Showing.

When I First moved in I Noticed some black spots on the ceiling, I thought it looked like someone had cleaned their Paint brush and they would cover it at a later time…Jan 13 Cieling
Of course the direction of my Vision has been downward as of late, so I don’t Trip or Tangle up in my Air Hose…But I should have been paying Attention to the other signs. My lack of Sleep and lack of Energy, but springing right back when out side.

What gave it away was seeing a Drop of Water on the Toilet Bowl Seat Cover. it could not have come from the Sink, I had not used it for a day. So now we look up…a Utility Box Cover Plate with a Drop of Water getting ready to disconnect and Drop.
drops 002

So I Cast my Eye upon the Spot that I thought was Paint, and low, and Behold I had a Bumper Crop of Black Mold. One of the Worst Types I could run into with my COPD.

I got in touch with the Mangement Office, and they sent out the Maintainance Guys. They were able to Chop out what was Visible and put Fans up in the Crawl space…To Dry it out, and they will be back in the Morning.

Untill then I found an Air/Oxygen Mask…

This is a Very Old Building…Old Men….

April 13, 2013

Decorating the Man Cave…

As some of you may remember I moved the Man Cave Back in Jan. down to Ground Level. Getting  Too ‘Old’, and tough to drag the young one’s up. But I had to give up a lot of things…

Man cave

Some thing just can Not be Replaced…Ahh the Memories….Along with cretin Household Items. Had to go out and Purchas new Stuff…Like I don’t have enough stuff…And now living in a Ground level, we have Windows to contend with. These Windows were Designed to be removable if need be. Anyway the Apt. comes with Standard White Pull Down Shades. Cut by a 1st Grader with Round Nose scissors…Well I use to let the old Cave Woman worry about that Stuff…now I have too. I don’t know from Cafe Curtains, and Drapes w/ Valance…If it’s not in the Bluejacket Manuel, I don’t need to know it.

So being the Smart Guy I am, I just want to cover the Windows but still let Light In. And Not Spend a Lot of Money. The Owners Manual for this Place said I could not hang Sheets or blankets…

What I wanted was a Curtain…A Shower Curtain, But Not one of the Fancy Prints or the Heavy Duty VINYL Jobs. Somewhere in the Depths of my memory, I remember owning one such Item…opaque, That’s it. That’s what I Want and Need, but where to Find one of them. I did not remember where I got it. One of the Wenches must have bought it, and I installed it.
I bought one of the Heavy Vinly ones put it up on the Rod in the Window Casing, and fell asleep in the Man’s Chair. The AC was on Hi and as the Cave cooled down the casing shrunk down, causing the opening that supported the Rod to become Larger. Wich slipped and Fell on my Head. So now we knew that we must track down the Illusive Opaque Shower Curtain. But to my Surprise my Home Health Aid found them in the $ Dollar Store 2/$5…004
From the Outside you can see only Lights and Shadows..

001 (2)
From the Inside you can distinguish Colors, and the Brightness of the Sun.

Plus it keeps me from seeing the Storm Shields.

Liz 2
And as you can see it is Opaque that you can see something trying to sneak in…

November 28, 2012

Hard Boiled Eggs or Soft Boiled

The Age old Question is NOT what came First…The Chicken or the Egg…!!! But when Man First seen the Egg POP out of the Chicken’S Ass…Was is it good to Eat and Who is going to, try to Eat It First.

Anyone knows that a Soft Boiled Egg is made by boiling the Egg for Just a Few Minuit’s. 3 to 4 depending on how you like them.

And Hard Boiled You boil them for more  5 to 10 Minuit’s.

And if you want to be able to take the Shell off with Ease you put them in Ice Water. Or you can do it this Way…

Any way I get the Bright Idea to make some  Egg Salad….I took 5 count them 1, 2, 3…5 Ok, let them sit out for about a half an Hour. Now I have been boiling eggs for almost 60 Years…I put them in a Pot and added Hot Tap Water to cover them and put them on the Stove @ the Highest Heat setting…And let them go till the Water was Boiling, turned the Heat down to about Mid-High or about 75%…and let them Roll Boil for about 5 More Minuit’s….I had some Water Chilling in the Freezer all this Time. I got that Bowl out and into the Sink.

And I took the Eggs One @ a Time and Put them in the Ice Water…for about 4 Minuit’s. I took the First one out Taped both Ends to Break and Peel. No Problem…Put that one aside Picked up the Second One taped the Ends…No problem EXCEPT it started to Split WTF it was Soft Boiled, I was still able to get the Shell Off no problem…My Mind is Saying WTF how the Hell does that Happen. I grab the Third Egg and it Peels OK..and I get the Fourth Egg and I’m Peeling it and it Breaks and it’s Soft Boiled….Now I’m going NUT’S…How can this Be….the Fifth Egg is a Normal Hard Boiled EGG.

Now I have 3 Hard Boiled  and 2 Soft Boiled Eggs…Well I was able to Slice up the HB in the Egg Slicer thingy…and more or less Smashed up the Two SB Added my Onions, Salt, Pepper and Mayo….And had me some Good Egg Salad on Toasted English Muffins

And I’m NOT going to Worry about HOW Two Egg‘s Stayed Soft…I’m Not going too…you can’t Make Me…I will NOT wake up in the Middle of the Night Wondering about this…

September 3, 2012

National Chair Day

I do try NOT to get to Political…But this was To Good not to jump On. But it seems to have Developed into a Life all on its Own…

When Clint Eastwood Spoke at the RNC and made like he was talking to President Obama in the Form of an Empty Chair…It was a GREAT Idea of Acting…He my have been Slow in the Delivery, but everyone Knew it was a Great Moment…

So without further ado…

AND…Mr. Scam man…

July 15, 2012

Puppy Cam

You all know that I Love my Weimararaners and I Do Miss them…I found this Puppy Cam and Support what they are doing…

These six Golden Retriever pups were born on June 24th…helping to heal the invisible wounds of our Nation’s Combat Veterans.  The litter of five girls and one boy will spend the next two years lifting the spirits of Wounded Warriors and giving them a therapeutic and purposeful mission.!/live-cams/player/service-puppy-cam

Warrior Canine Connection TM (WCC) is a therapeutic service dog training program that harnesses the healing power of the human-animal bond.WCC TM teaches Service Members with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) the skill of training mobility service dogs to be partnered with Veterans with mobility impairments. This worthy mission is specifically designed to reduce the symptoms of PTSD in the Warriors who train the dogs–and the great news is, it works! These Warrior-trained service dogs are then partnered with Veterans to provide them years of loyal companionship as well as an increased sense of wellbeing and independence.