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September 6, 2013

It’s Friday Night…

It’s Friday  Night…My Birthday Month…Sepetember is normally a bad Emotional month for me. And it has already started, My Mother-in Law from my First marriage just Passed. I got along with her and she was a Good Shipmate…she was in the Navy during WWII. When I get Emotional I get Cooking…

So tonight I Made: saute Bay Scallops w/Pimientos, Two Crab Cakes and Freedom Frys…with a Side of Sweet Coleslaw.Fri 9-6 002

November 28, 2012

Hard Boiled Eggs or Soft Boiled

The Age old Question is NOT what came First…The Chicken or the Egg…!!! But when Man First seen the Egg POP out of the Chicken’S Ass…Was is it good to Eat and Who is going to, try to Eat It First.

Anyone knows that a Soft Boiled Egg is made by boiling the Egg for Just a Few Minuit’s. 3 to 4 depending on how you like them.

And Hard Boiled You boil them for more  5 to 10 Minuit’s.

And if you want to be able to take the Shell off with Ease you put them in Ice Water. Or you can do it this Way…

Any way I get the Bright Idea to make some  Egg Salad….I took 5 count them 1, 2, 3…5 Ok, let them sit out for about a half an Hour. Now I have been boiling eggs for almost 60 Years…I put them in a Pot and added Hot Tap Water to cover them and put them on the Stove @ the Highest Heat setting…And let them go till the Water was Boiling, turned the Heat down to about Mid-High or about 75%…and let them Roll Boil for about 5 More Minuit’s….I had some Water Chilling in the Freezer all this Time. I got that Bowl out and into the Sink.

And I took the Eggs One @ a Time and Put them in the Ice Water…for about 4 Minuit’s. I took the First one out Taped both Ends to Break and Peel. No Problem…Put that one aside Picked up the Second One taped the Ends…No problem EXCEPT it started to Split WTF it was Soft Boiled, I was still able to get the Shell Off no problem…My Mind is Saying WTF how the Hell does that Happen. I grab the Third Egg and it Peels OK..and I get the Fourth Egg and I’m Peeling it and it Breaks and it’s Soft Boiled….Now I’m going NUT’S…How can this Be….the Fifth Egg is a Normal Hard Boiled EGG.

Now I have 3 Hard Boiled  and 2 Soft Boiled Eggs…Well I was able to Slice up the HB in the Egg Slicer thingy…and more or less Smashed up the Two SB Added my Onions, Salt, Pepper and Mayo….And had me some Good Egg Salad on Toasted English Muffins

And I’m NOT going to Worry about HOW Two Egg‘s Stayed Soft…I’m Not going too…you can’t Make Me…I will NOT wake up in the Middle of the Night Wondering about this…

August 23, 2012

Food Banks

Well with the Price of Food Always Going UP. And Come September 1st My Rent is Going Up, but Not my Disability Check. And supposedly, I make too Much For Food Stamps. I have to Avail myself of the Food Bank. It took a few Days to get the Information, but I left Messages and there were call backs.(In GOD’s Time)

Any ‘Ole Way’ I got hooked up with “STOP HUNGER,INC.” Here in Miami, Fl.

In the Video I keep saying Feed America but it is NOT them that Helped Me. It is “STOP HUNGER” that has Given me the Food Stuff.

These People were Very Gracious and Helpful….Had me fill Out some Paper Work and Vet me. Wile I was in the Office they had Someone round-up some Left overs from Today’s Passing out of Food Stuff. They Pass out food every Thursday. I am assigned to the Last Thursday of the Month. So this is What I Received Today….I am Very Great full for all the Assistance…Thank You.

I do need some Assistance in the up-coming Months….I have talked to some of the People at Social Security, they do not think that COLA will Change in January, It will stay the Same.

This Weekend we may be visited by a Hurricane…So it’s good to have some Food in the Man Cave….Just in Case…

July 5, 2012

Fort Meat

When I was young, my Mother would say I was a Fussy Eater. But as every young Boy Knows, Eating is a Wast of Time. Especially if It’s Summer and it Stays Light Late…I would Wolf the stuff on my plate only half of the things I liked.

As I learned later on in Life…It’s all in the Presentation. This one meal that my Mother made, very simple and basic. Was just Sauteed Ground Chuck, Mash Potatoes, Peas n Carrots. With or without Applesauce…I would eat half the Meat n Potatoes, until my Father left the table. Then Bang I would be OUT the Door. Mom complained to Dad about this…Well the Next time we had this, my Father Served Me my Dish.

He put the Mash Potatoes in the Center of the Dish, with the center cleared out. In the Center he put the Ground Beef and on Top of that he put the Peas n Carrots, with a little Flag made from a piece of Wonder Bread Package on a tooth pick.

He told me it was a Fort and the Peas n Carrots were Fighting to Capture the Flag…well you know where that took a young boys Imagination….

So to this Day I still call it FORT MEAT…

So that’s my Story and I’m Sticking too It…Oh, I did Eat it All and at times asked for Seconds…

July 2, 2012

Bacon Man Cakes

Seen this Idea and had to try it….Only thing different is instead of plain water I used Soda Water. I like the Bubbles it makes, and the cakes Lighter. Also in the Clip the Griddle is Set at 375 F.

June 26, 2012

Glenn vs. Mango

Mango 1 vs. Glenn 0

Here I sit, with my Head Low, I let a Fruit out smart me.

There is No Excuse, I could have asked. But Pride Goeth, before the Fall…I have Lived here in South Florida for many years but my Connecticut Yankee Smarts Failed Me…It seems like Mango’s are everywhere in this Area, Everyone has a Tree. And this One friend is always telling me about how many they give away. So I finally ask for some, now I have never tried One but I remember Reading about them One time. I am Thinking that is like a Large Peach, with a Skin, the fruit meat and a Nut in side.

Sweet and Juicy that I can cut up and put into the Blender

So here I am in the Man Cave this morning Seated in the Cockpit getting Ready to ‘Get Me Some Mango’…

Now No one has ever told me that the skin on these things is 3/8 of an inch thick…I have Flip Flops with thinner soles.

First I tried to Peel it with the Handy Dandy Peeler….not Good. Next tried to Slice a Piece Off…not going to Happen.

So let’s cut it like a Peach…The next thing I know this Thing (Mango) is Leaking n Squirting all over the Place. The knife Blade did not even get near to the Center…as I drew the Knife around. The Blade was only half in as on the other side.

Juice everywhere the Skin Started to fall off…and did I say Juice Everywhere…Cover the Keyboard…Drop Knife, Drop Mango…Black Plastic Bowl with Juice get’s Knocked to the Floor…I have Juice all over me….This is not going Well.

Retreat Hell, this is a out and out, Strategic withdrawal.

But I think, I have figured it out. I will just Sit Naked in the Bath tub and cut the skin off the Mango and scrape the Meat off the Nut and try to save the Juice in a Large Bowl.

May 5, 2012

Quick n Dirty

Last Night I did NOT feel like Cooking, but I still wanted some type of Fish. Ahhh what to do, what to do…Tuna, yes we have Tuna…

I was a Bad Boy…It was meant for Two Servings and I ate it all. Will have to remember to make this Again.

April 13, 2012


Or Squid if you prefer…My Wife that passed away, her family was Italian…and they Loved Calamari. I tried it a few times, a little to Rubbery for me. But they did use a Great Wine Sauce…So I tried to Duplicate it, did NOT work for me.


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April 8, 2012

My Easter Dinner

Just in Case you thought I sat and Played on the Puter all Day…I was a Busy Boy Today…

To Anyone, I Hope you Try the Sweet Potatoes w/Diced Pears, Out Standing. Even good Cold.

April 4, 2012

Sweet Potatoes/Yams

Français : Patates douces English: Sweet potat...

They were on Sale this week and I had not had any since Thanksgiving. And I had a Taste for some….But how to make them…? I had seen a show that had them sliced like Large Steak Fry’s. So here for your Edification…

This came out better than I Expected, maybe 5 or 10 min.s  longer in the Oven.