It’s been a long time

Yes, it’s been a long time since I had a puppy nibbling on my feet. I ended up taking care of a friend’s puppy last night, well intentioned they are not sure whether they were going to keep the puppy or not. Cute little thing not sure if it’s eight weeks are not, looks younger, dark brown, motley brown female but definitely will be a smaller dog.

dog 008It’s as the saying goes, she is mommy’s little princess. Haven’t picked out a name yet, I wanted Ava. I wish the best of luck to my friend in her new puppy Ava and may God watch over them…

Oh and by the way this is being transposed from my speaking to print typing with Dragon natural speaking home edition speaker recognition software turn talk into type…

001So far so good with this Dragon speaking to type and my new La-Z-Boy recliner arrived today also, so I would hopefully will get a good nights sleep tonight and I be all fresh as a daisy, tomorrow. It takes a little getting used to unlikely putting my hands on the keyboard by the latest to it stop with the dragging of the fingers on the end the hand across the keyboard.


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