Land Crabs….

Must be that time of the Year…I had gone to the VAMC today for some PT and a Walk in App. with the Pulmonary Doc’s….This is one of those Apps. that you make because you Canceled last months meeting…which in turn was a make-up meeting for the one the month before. That one was to go over my CT Scan….I figure if they don’t come looking for me, then there is NO problem…

So I get home, and it’s all quite, and I’m doing some Paper work @ the Man Cave Desk/Workbench/Dinning Table. And I hear a noise like something is Moving things around by the Cable and power Connectors…
A little bit later I hear a sound in the Kitchen, I looked around just in time to see my walker move ever so slightly…

I see a NEW Room Mate….

visitor 002

This one’s just a Baby…

visitor 009visitor 008

This Guy put up a Good Fight, But with my Superior Intellect, I was able to over power him. Waterboard him and send him on to Washington….


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