Maybe it is my EGO

Maybe it is my EGO, but I have been getting P*ssed Off Lately. I know that there is Nothing I can do about it alone. Except maybe Rant and Rage or Howel in the Wilderness.

But it’s more or less about the younger Generation Lack of concern about other People and their Lives. It seems that they Care Nothing about their Fellow Man. Just what they can get for themselves with little on No Labor…the Quick chuckle at someone’s expense, And the Hell with the Consequence…

Case in Point the Trevor Martin Case, and these Fools Setting Up a Phone Call from an Expert giving Testimony in Court. Making a joke out of our Court System of Justice….

Wether you Believe him or Not, Things like this just sets up an Appeal for him if he louses…and Cost the Taxpayer more Money…and It seems as if the Media, just keeps this Sh*t Up in Peoples Faeces….I am Open Minded to Funny things or should I say, I am more Liberal Minded then a lot of my Friends…but that is Stupid.    End of Rant….



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