Glub, glub…

That’s Miamiease, for can it ‘get’ any Wetter…We are entering into our Monsoon Season. And it can get worse for Me…the Sky is Falling or better yet the Bathroom Ceiling I have Black Mold Showing.

When I First moved in I Noticed some black spots on the ceiling, I thought it looked like someone had cleaned their Paint brush and they would cover it at a later time…Jan 13 Cieling
Of course the direction of my Vision has been downward as of late, so I don’t Trip or Tangle up in my Air Hose…But I should have been paying Attention to the other signs. My lack of Sleep and lack of Energy, but springing right back when out side.

What gave it away was seeing a Drop of Water on the Toilet Bowl Seat Cover. it could not have come from the Sink, I had not used it for a day. So now we look up…a Utility Box Cover Plate with a Drop of Water getting ready to disconnect and Drop.
drops 002

So I Cast my Eye upon the Spot that I thought was Paint, and low, and Behold I had a Bumper Crop of Black Mold. One of the Worst Types I could run into with my COPD.

I got in touch with the Mangement Office, and they sent out the Maintainance Guys. They were able to Chop out what was Visible and put Fans up in the Crawl space…To Dry it out, and they will be back in the Morning.

Untill then I found an Air/Oxygen Mask…

This is a Very Old Building…Old Men….


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