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April 13, 2013

Decorating the Man Cave…

As some of you may remember I moved the Man Cave Back in Jan. down to Ground Level. Getting  Too ‘Old’, and tough to drag the young one’s up. But I had to give up a lot of things…

Man cave

Some thing just can Not be Replaced…Ahh the Memories….Along with cretin Household Items. Had to go out and Purchas new Stuff…Like I don’t have enough stuff…And now living in a Ground level, we have Windows to contend with. These Windows were Designed to be removable if need be. Anyway the Apt. comes with Standard White Pull Down Shades. Cut by a 1st Grader with Round Nose scissors…Well I use to let the old Cave Woman worry about that Stuff…now I have too. I don’t know from Cafe Curtains, and Drapes w/ Valance…If it’s not in the Bluejacket Manuel, I don’t need to know it.

So being the Smart Guy I am, I just want to cover the Windows but still let Light In. And Not Spend a Lot of Money. The Owners Manual for this Place said I could not hang Sheets or blankets…

What I wanted was a Curtain…A Shower Curtain, But Not one of the Fancy Prints or the Heavy Duty VINYL Jobs. Somewhere in the Depths of my memory, I remember owning one such Item…opaque, That’s it. That’s what I Want and Need, but where to Find one of them. I did not remember where I got it. One of the Wenches must have bought it, and I installed it.
I bought one of the Heavy Vinly ones put it up on the Rod in the Window Casing, and fell asleep in the Man’s Chair. The AC was on Hi and as the Cave cooled down the casing shrunk down, causing the opening that supported the Rod to become Larger. Wich slipped and Fell on my Head. So now we knew that we must track down the Illusive Opaque Shower Curtain. But to my Surprise my Home Health Aid found them in the $ Dollar Store 2/$5…004
From the Outside you can see only Lights and Shadows..

001 (2)
From the Inside you can distinguish Colors, and the Brightness of the Sun.

Plus it keeps me from seeing the Storm Shields.

Liz 2
And as you can see it is Opaque that you can see something trying to sneak in…