Food Banks

Well with the Price of Food Always Going UP. And Come September 1st My Rent is Going Up, but Not my Disability Check. And supposedly, I make too Much For Food Stamps. I have to Avail myself of the Food Bank. It took a few Days to get the Information, but I left Messages and there were call backs.(In GOD’s Time)

Any ‘Ole Way’ I got hooked up with “STOP HUNGER,INC.” Here in Miami, Fl.

In the Video I keep saying Feed America but it is NOT them that Helped Me. It is “STOP HUNGER” that has Given me the Food Stuff.

These People were Very Gracious and Helpful….Had me fill Out some Paper Work and Vet me. Wile I was in the Office they had Someone round-up some Left overs from Today’s Passing out of Food Stuff. They Pass out food every Thursday. I am assigned to the Last Thursday of the Month. So this is What I Received Today….I am Very Great full for all the Assistance…Thank You.

I do need some Assistance in the up-coming Months….I have talked to some of the People at Social Security, they do not think that COLA will Change in January, It will stay the Same.

This Weekend we may be visited by a Hurricane…So it’s good to have some Food in the Man Cave….Just in Case…


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