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July 15, 2012

Puppy Cam

You all know that I Love my Weimararaners and I Do Miss them…I found this Puppy Cam and Support what they are doing…

These six Golden Retriever pups were born on June 24th…helping to heal the invisible wounds of our Nation’s Combat Veterans.  The litter of five girls and one boy will spend the next two years lifting the spirits of Wounded Warriors and giving them a therapeutic and purposeful mission.!/live-cams/player/service-puppy-cam

Warrior Canine Connection TM (WCC) is a therapeutic service dog training program that harnesses the healing power of the human-animal bond.WCC TM teaches Service Members with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) the skill of training mobility service dogs to be partnered with Veterans with mobility impairments. This worthy mission is specifically designed to reduce the symptoms of PTSD in the Warriors who train the dogs–and the great news is, it works! These Warrior-trained service dogs are then partnered with Veterans to provide them years of loyal companionship as well as an increased sense of wellbeing and independence.

July 5, 2012

Fort Meat

When I was young, my Mother would say I was a Fussy Eater. But as every young Boy Knows, Eating is a Wast of Time. Especially if It’s Summer and it Stays Light Late…I would Wolf the stuff on my plate only half of the things I liked.

As I learned later on in Life…It’s all in the Presentation. This one meal that my Mother made, very simple and basic. Was just Sauteed Ground Chuck, Mash Potatoes, Peas n Carrots. With or without Applesauce…I would eat half the Meat n Potatoes, until my Father left the table. Then Bang I would be OUT the Door. Mom complained to Dad about this…Well the Next time we had this, my Father Served Me my Dish.

He put the Mash Potatoes in the Center of the Dish, with the center cleared out. In the Center he put the Ground Beef and on Top of that he put the Peas n Carrots, with a little Flag made from a piece of Wonder Bread Package on a tooth pick.

He told me it was a Fort and the Peas n Carrots were Fighting to Capture the Flag…well you know where that took a young boys Imagination….

So to this Day I still call it FORT MEAT…

So that’s my Story and I’m Sticking too It…Oh, I did Eat it All and at times asked for Seconds…

July 2, 2012

Bacon Man Cakes

Seen this Idea and had to try it….Only thing different is instead of plain water I used Soda Water. I like the Bubbles it makes, and the cakes Lighter. Also in the Clip the Griddle is Set at 375 F.