Glenn vs. Mango

Mango 1 vs. Glenn 0

Here I sit, with my Head Low, I let a Fruit out smart me.

There is No Excuse, I could have asked. But Pride Goeth, before the Fall…I have Lived here in South Florida for many years but my Connecticut Yankee Smarts Failed Me…It seems like Mango’s are everywhere in this Area, Everyone has a Tree. And this One friend is always telling me about how many they give away. So I finally ask for some, now I have never tried One but I remember Reading about them One time. I am Thinking that is like a Large Peach, with a Skin, the fruit meat and a Nut in side.

Sweet and Juicy that I can cut up and put into the Blender

So here I am in the Man Cave this morning Seated in the Cockpit getting Ready to ‘Get Me Some Mango’…

Now No one has ever told me that the skin on these things is 3/8 of an inch thick…I have Flip Flops with thinner soles.

First I tried to Peel it with the Handy Dandy Peeler….not Good. Next tried to Slice a Piece Off…not going to Happen.

So let’s cut it like a Peach…The next thing I know this Thing (Mango) is Leaking n Squirting all over the Place. The knife Blade did not even get near to the Center…as I drew the Knife around. The Blade was only half in as on the other side.

Juice everywhere the Skin Started to fall off…and did I say Juice Everywhere…Cover the Keyboard…Drop Knife, Drop Mango…Black Plastic Bowl with Juice get’s Knocked to the Floor…I have Juice all over me….This is not going Well.

Retreat Hell, this is a out and out, Strategic withdrawal.

But I think, I have figured it out. I will just Sit Naked in the Bath tub and cut the skin off the Mango and scrape the Meat off the Nut and try to save the Juice in a Large Bowl.


3 Comments to “Glenn vs. Mango”

  1. ROFLMAO… I think your “bath tub” option is a much safer way for you to skin your… MANGO! 😉

  2. OMG you need mango lessons ! I live on them ALL summer.

  3. Nice post and pics! I’m a big foodie so I just wrote an article about my favorite happy hours in Delray Beach if you want to check it out:


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