Liver n Onions

I had done a Liver n Onion Post not long ago. But Someone Asked if I could do a Better one to Explain it Better…

I Hope that these Video’s, Help you to Make Your Beef Liver the Easy Way. Cook on the First side till you see the Edges Turning Brown. Then on the other side till you See the Blood on the Cooked Side. Then turn over again.

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4 Comments to “Liver n Onions”

  1. as a cook, i hope ur not over-cooking that liver man. continue…

  2. My gosh, I haven’t had liver in ages! Actually, I’ve never exposed my son to it. Have given it to my cats… I do like liver when I go for a pub lunch – liver & mashed potatoes. Oh, my gosh, you’ve got me wishing for liver now. It’s not too expensive either. I’ll definitely have to have some, & onion with it is perfect 🙂

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