Fish n Shrimp Chowder

If I can’t get Fresh Shrimp, I use Large De-Veined White, Headless Shrimp about 24 of them and 2 pieces of Filleted Flounder.

Here I have used Frozen Shrimp…

When Cleaning Make sure to get all of the Exoskeleton…

Frozen Flounder may be Used…

I Chop it altogether in the FP….

I Start 1 n 1/2 cups Chicken broth…Potatoes(can) and Corn(can) in a Pot with a 1/4 Tsp. Sweet Papriki…a Dash Ground Black Pepper…

Start it to Simmer….for about 15 minuets.

I Start in a Med. Sauce Pan melting 2 Tbl. spoons Butter and saute 1 sm. Onion chopped, I use Dry Onion 2 Tbl. Spoons…till tender…

Add 2 Tbl. spoons Flour folding till blended. Gradually Add 2 cups Milk…stirring wile it Thickens.

When all is combined and Smooth, I Add this to the Fish n Shrimp…

Heat a little longer…then Serve…

Makes 4 Normal Servings or 2 for Me….


One Comment to “Fish n Shrimp Chowder”

  1. the chic wraps look great!!

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