Old Hippies

‘Old Hippies never Die…they just Smell that Way’.

I am an Old Hippy or should I say, I am old enough to remember growing up in the Early and Mid 60’s. My Teenage years and High School years were right in the Heart of that Generation. I lived close enough to New York City and Greenwich Village, I could hop on a Train and be there in an Hour. Two Hours in the Opposite Direction was Newport, RI. and the FOLK Festival and Jazz Fest. We had everything…On and Off during this time period Fairfield County, Ct. had the Highest Per_capita_income in the United States.

We were young and we were going to Change the World. We had Kennedy and “Ask Not What your Country can do for you, But what you can do for your Country”. So much Idealism, then things Started to Change that we had No Control over. If I had to put my finger on the Time Line of Life, I would have to say it was when Kennedy died. That is about when some of us realized that Reality Sucked. It was a Real World out There. We lived in the Cold War and Vietnam…the Draft. The Majority of us wanted to go to Collage and make something out of our Lives. Others just wanted to Stay as Hippies, Just PEACE and LOVE. And there were PROTESTS over Everything ‘the WAR, the DRAFT…it seemed like everyone was protesting something or other. But some of us knew that to get ahead in this World we had to Work, we did not have time to protest. Had to Become part of the Establishment…put away our Goat Skin Wine Bags and Water Pipes…and CUT our Hair.

Get a Job and Wear a Shirt and Tie….Continue to go to School at Night. Some of us were Drafted and Some of us Enlisted.

What I am trying to get to NOW…is that some of the Original ‘Old Hippies’ are Dying off. We are Grand Parents and some even Great Grand Parents (me) and some are still Hippies. Or Act like Hippies, reliving our Lost Youth. Railing against the Establishment when your Teeth may fall out…is not a good Idea.

I myself don’t think it is Worth the Energy, I have Passed on the Torch to the Younger Generation. I don’t need to Raise my Blood Pressure any more than it is.

So to the Survivors of my Generation, Sit back and Enjoy and to the Old Hippy Protesters…“THE WORLD HAS MOVED ON”.


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