A ‘Old Man n his Remember Dreams’. Oh, GOD save us from them…back in the Good Old Days. Someone asked me the other day about what I meant when I signed an old year book from High School.(1965)

About the Whale…

This my Friends Is the “White(pale)Whale.  A ‘1957 Chrysler Windsor’ nicknamed the “White Whale” when I Raced it at “Dover Drag Strip”

Mine did not have the Chrome on the Sides and it was more of a Cream Color.

It was a Beast.

My Father had bought the car for my Mother, but she did not like it. Said it had to much POWER…It did, if you punched it Down the Front End of the Chassis would Lift-Up. It sucked up Gas, I was always putting Gas into it. It had a Standard 350 Engine(till we put the Hemi in) and the New ”TorqueFlite” transmission. Once it over came Inertia and Gravity…look Out.

As a Street Racer it was not that Great but up on the Hi-way when it got rolling. Even running the back roads of Fairfield County (GHGPA) Greenfield Hills Grand-Pre Associations. Running the back roads at night with only your parking lights on.

But it was more of a Party Machine….At that time I was almost 6′ or 5’11”, I could lay down in the back sea, stretched out and not touch the in-side of the Car. You could fill the Trunk with a Lot of Beer. Carry a Ton of Tool Box’s and Tier’s or three or four people going into the Drive-In Movies.

Ahhh…the Dreams n Memories


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