Clean out the OLD

Today has been one of getting rid of things before the New Year, mostly clearing out files on the computer. I tend to collect a lot of Photo and cartoon items….for one reason or another something strikes my fancy. Sometimes I search for stuff other times I may be reading the News or someones Profile on Facebook or other social networks. But I am a hordder when it comes to cartoons and photos…and then I do some photoshoping on them…sometimes many different ones.

But today was get rid of a lot of Copies good or bad…every year I am reminded of a time I was dating a young lady in Naples, It. She lived back up in the Old Allies of Old Naples. They are very narrow in some places you can’t fit a small car into one. Well we were up on her third flood balcony when this Drunk American Marine came staggering along. And people were throwing things out of their windows without looking or giving any Warning. And this Marine looked like he had already been hit with Garbage. As I was watching, up the way across the Allie, someone was getting ready to dump a Couch out of a fourth floor window. If the Marine kept on he would be under it when it reached the ground. I started to yell to him and kept on yelling, but he ether did not hear or didn’t care. But the couch slammed into the ground right next to him. And he just kept staggering along. I know GOD Loves Drunks and Fools.


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