My Hungarian Cabbage n Noodles

My Hungarian Cabbage n Noodles, This is the way I learned…Except for the Home made Noodles…this is pretty much the way my Grandmother made it…

Basic ingredients…this is a VERY RICH High  Calorie Recipe…almost everything in Hungarian Cooking is. Taste is what makes this Great…you get a Sweet/semi-Bitter Buttery Cabbage taste, very heave meal. It can stand by it-self or with a Pork Dish…with Apples sauce. Oh Yes it does take time to make…But I like to draw it out…

The cabbage needs to be Chopped or Shredded as small as possible…and Salted the Reason for this is to make the cabbage Bleed out the Water it retains…Cover over with a towel or cloth and let it sit for an Hour or more. Oh and also there are No Mesurments…you add a little of this and a pinch of that…Work it by Taste.

I use a Heavy course hand towel to squeeze out the Water from the Cabbage about two handfuls at a time.

Out of that Little Cabbage, I was able to squeeze out about 1 and 2/3 cups of Water. Break up the little cabbage balls as much as you can.

ADD Butter to the cabbage under low heat covered…stir occasionaly till translucent. It will be Very Bitter do to the Salt.

Adding Sugar to Taste while Browning and Stiring…Once you have it the way you want it (remember to taste) not just yours. Set aside Start water for Noodles.

After the noodles are done to your liking, ADD a stick of Butter too your Hot Noodles to loosen them up…

Add your Cabbage and More Butter if you want…I like More…

The problem with this is you are always sampling for Taste…So by the time it’s done your Full…(NOT)…but close…if you try it I hope you Enjoy…I can only Make and Eat it every so often, as I have said it is Rich and full of  Calories….


One Comment to “My Hungarian Cabbage n Noodles”

  1. I had no idea you were a Hungarian, my grandmother used to make this. Thank you for bringing back those long ago memories. She has been gone since 68…..That is 1968 Glen. Hope you had a great Christmas. Kenny D.

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