2011 @ VA Hosp.

This has been a Hell of a Year so far for me…normanaly I have one or two Major problems. But nothing like this year.

I quit Drinking many years ago and Smoking a few years back, now this year it seems I’m falling Apart.

I am going to try to set up a time line, not just for myself but a NEW Primary Care Doctor at the VA Hosp. after the First of the year.

About the 19th of Jan. seen Prim Care Dr./I was Not sleeping due to back pain problems and getting out of bed… had blood work done.

On the 20th Jan. Dr. called wants to see me / High Wht.Cell Count. Will see me on the 26th Jan.

Wed. 26th Jan. Dr. says Stop one Med/Stat Blood Work/BP-P High go EKG…Dr. wants me to have Transport home. Did not show…got home Pub. Transport, late evening. Very Tired n Stressed.

Fri. 28th Jan. AM Ok till afternoon Start Change by 5PM had Elevated BP n P…Called Hosp. told to call 911….

VA. ER, monitored, Dehydrated/Stress/Stopping Med. Given Meds. Sent home that Night.

Fri. 4th Feb. Prim Dr. called Stop taking one Inhaler…OK… no problem over weekend on Mon. 6th Feb. having problem breathing call Dr. Start Med. Again.

Mon. 14th Feb. Echo Test

Thu. 31st March, started having Pain Lower Rt. side Groin area. By 22:30 Pain was Hip to Hip w/stabbing Pain Lf. side. Called 911 transported to VA. Hosp. ER…admitted for Diverticulitis…Till Sun. 3rd.April sent home with Meds.

I have a Lump that became painful Left side of  my abdomen on, Thur. 11th Aug. L Pectus Muscle Hematoma/admitted/Sent home Mon. 15th Aug. w/Meds.

Now while I was at home the Swelling started to go down for a few days. Then one morning the Lump seemed Larger and it also look and felt like it had moved. It seemed to grow larger every few days….it started out about the size of a Quarter not just under the skin but deeper, No discoloration…but now over a week later its about the size of a Walnut and it is Moving. By the weekend of the 27-28th Aug. It was the size of my fist and had moved about 3 in. down and more to the center of my Abdomen and it was getting Painful.

I called 911 on Mon. 29th Aug. I was Admitted for Abdominal Wall Hematoma and Diverticulitis. The reason I had waited so long, we found out I was not Thinking very well. The hematoma had turned into an Infection and my Kidneys were shutting Down, I was a little out of it…I do remember a Doctor screaming in my Face about if I wanter to Live or Die. He wanted to put a Stint in my Neck…Well he did put it in. Also it seems they had put in a Foley Catheter and a Balloon in my Rectom. and a drain bag for the Abscess Puss from the Infection. I have been in the MCU for over a week, a Nurse from Physical Therapy comes in my room and wants me out of bed to use a Walker so she DRAGS me out of the Bed the Balloon in Rectom gets torn out. The Woman is dangerous…So now I am bleeding from there. So finally on the 12th of Sept.  after Two weeks they pat me on the Head say you are well enough to go home. But now along with my Abdomen problems, I have GI Bleeding…

I get a home Health Care worker to Help me. The Infection is gone the Swelling is down but I have problems bending over also cleaning my self. I am still having problems voiding my Stools and having Bright Red Blood in my Stool. I also having problems with Swollen Legs and My Hands. They say these will go down with time and Meds. Also I am Very Weak…I am Bleeding every time I Poop or Pass Gas. I have a Porta Potty within Arms Reach at all times.

OK so now it’s Wednesday 28th Sept. (My Birthday 64) I have come to the VA to see my Prim. Care…I am feeling OK just a little hungry, I ask my HC to get me a Candy Bar chocolate…When the Nurse checks my Blood Pressure and Heart Beat it’s all over the place…they ship me to the ER. It seems that I am Having an Arrhythmia (but I’m feeling fine) well they call the Cardiac Team and the get ready to Zap me(To get my Heart in Sync) when one asks if I had anything to Eat…I said yes a Chocolate Bar…Ok now they can’t Zap me. They have to wait…So they Admit me with Arrhythmia/GI Bleeding. They Zapped me that Night and I was still feeling OK…I stayed a week till Wed. 5th Oct.

So now we get to Fri. 4th Nov. at VA to see Heart Doc. while seeing HER she is telling all about how she will not be there and that she is e-mailing my Prim. Care about Heart Meds and that I should go see Him about them…I go see my Prim. Care and he fills Scripts but he does not fill the Heart Meds. I go home for the weekend with my Meds.

On Tues. 8th Nov. I am at the VA for a Cardio/Echo Test(now I am feeling OK) and as they Start the Test my Blood pressure is Very LOW…So it’s down to ER and I am Admitted overnight for Tachycardia Observation. Also sent me home with a Plastic Bottle to fill for a day of Urine Test..I did it and turned it in.

I have seen Prim.Care he is Retiring after 1st of the year…Also have, to have a Holter Monitor put on…the 27th Dec. It is the 27th I went in and they shaved parts of my Chest and attached the Electrodes and gave me my instructions. Today is the 28th I went in to the Clinic and had the Monitor removed and was told that I will hear from them if there is a Problem. (???)

That’s my Story so far…


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