The Continuing Saga of my Heart

As some of you know back in September on the 28th (My Birthday)(64) I ended up in the VA Hosp. here in Miami, Fl. do too a Hart Arrhythmia and GI Bleeding. See Blog for 8 Oct. 11.

I went for a Cardio/Echo Test on Tuesday the 8th of Nov. 11. Well Guess what…

They were able too do do the Test but had too Inject some type of carbonated fluid into my system too enhance the ultrasound picture (contrast)…All I could think of was Club Soda and NO Bourbon….
So they Shipped me up to CCU so they could Monitor me…

This is what occurred do too NOT paying Attention, on my Part too My Medications.

On Friday the 4th of Nov. 11 I was here at the VA Hosp. To see the Heart Doctor from my last Stay here.
It seems that She had other things on her mind…(Personal)..and instead of doing my Medication Refills, she called my Primary Care Doc. to do the refills…so I went to see him…he was only able to see me for about 5min. He did some of the Refills but not the ONES I need for the Heart…of course he did not know and neither did I….I know that I had Run Out that Morning of some of them but I DID NOT KNOW the Important ones that had to be Refilled….So I had gone all weekend without a Very Important One.

This is what had Set my Heart off to do Strange things on Tuesday…

But Now they have CHANGED Diagnosis From Arrhythmia to Tachycardia…

This Tachycardia sounds more like what is going on ( I looked it up ) there are some tests (out-patient) and Blood Tests…

One of the Real Draw Backs is that my Veins have gotten Smaller and tend to roll or move when they are TRYING too Draw Blood…and they end up Jabbing your Arms and Hands or Wrists all over the place.
Looks like you tried to Hug a Porcupine.

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


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