This is all I remember going through my Head/Hearing on the Night of  Monday 29 August 2011.

And some crazed Doctor yelling in my ear…Live or Die…something about my Kidneys Shutting Down…
He wanted permission to put a Stint in my Neck to Clean my Blood (Dialysis)…I finally said ‘YES’…I wanted too LIVE…
Needless to say I was one Sick Boy…

I have vague memories of the next few days…In and out of whatever…not real sleep. As soon as some one came near me or in my room my eyes would open. As near as I can Figure about the 4th of Sept. (6 days) I started to recognize people Doctors and Nurses…Good and Bad. And think, speak and answer questions.

It seems that at the time I had a Very Large Blood/Puss Absess moving around my Left Stomach Area.
I had this Drain in my Left Side…a Foley Catheter for Urine and a Balloon up inside me for Poop.

Let’s jump back a few Blog Pages….  http://theoldreprobate.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-have-returned.html and myalterego-glenn.blogspot.com/2011/04/diverticulitis-or-severe-lower-stomach

It seems that I still had the diverticulitis going on and the Hematoma took off on it’s own….

They let me come home this past Monday Night…12 Sept. 2011…I still have swelling of my Stomach Area…and some swelling of my legs these are going down It’s all Fluid…

I seem to be getting better…no real pain…at a slow pace…But I guess It’s GOD’s Time…that I am still HERE.


Just an Addendum to this it is Two weeks that I am home…26 Sept. 2011…I still have swelling of my Stomach Area…and also Leakage from where the Drain was in my side…It is Clear/Sticky…The Leg swelling has not gotten any better…as long as my legs are raised the swelling in my feet goes down…I put my feet on the floor and 10min. later they are swollen. I go to see my Primary Care on Wednesday the 28th my BD. Hopefully we can get this straighten out…

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


2 Comments to “OhGod/OhGod/OhGod….adinfonitum”

  1. Wow. You've been through so much. I hope you have some good people nearby. ❤

  2. Oh you poor darling man …I was worrying ..and praying for you …I'm so happy God has granted you another day. xxxx

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