I have Returned…

Yes I am back from my Recent trip to the VA Hosp.

Last Friday Evening Aug. 11th. I was having some Extreme Stabbing Pain in the Lower Left Side of my Abdomen Area…I was also having some Colon Problems…

Similar to what occurred back at the End of March. myalterego-glenn.blogspot.com/2011/04/diverticulitis-or-severe-lower-stomach.html .

As I said it was Similar but not the Same…Now an Area on the Left side Felt Warm, Hard and Distended…Very painful to Touch…

Well Friday Night they Ran some Tests and X-Rays and Admitted me…On Saturday they did A CT Scan…
That Showed that the Pain was NOT part of my Colon….

What they Believe is that somehow I Broke a Blood Vessel in the FAT/Mussel Area next to the Abdomen Wall that put Pressure on the Colon…Think Blood Bruise or Hematoma…Large about the Size of a Child’s Fist…

So now I’m Home…With Orders to Rest, Take Pain Pills, Rest…

It could have been Worse, but Life Goes On…I’m Thankful to GOD and the Doctors and Nurses at the VA Hosp.

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


One Comment to “I have Returned…”

  1. I think it's hilarious that you gave us these diagrams and illustrations of the body!! I suppose it will eliminate any further questions! LOL

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