Day Light Savings Time vs. Spring Shift and Fall Shift

This is My Post from Last Year, the Past year has done nothing to Change Anything….Remember that Only the Government can take a 24 foot Rug and Cut 1 foot Off one End and Sew It on the Other End…and tell you you have a 25 foot rug…

I think this is one of the Dumbest things I have ever heard of…First off you are NOT saving anything…There will be just as many Hours and Minutes…Tomorrow as there are Today…And we will be Adding Minutes of Daylight maybe one or two more every day till the Summer Solstice…day of the year with the longest period of daylight.

The Earth in It’s Day n Night turning, wile it travels around the Sun is Tilted…So that at times the North Pole is leaning closer to the Sun giving us in the Northern Hemisphere Spring n Summer…and the opposite is True when the South Pole is Closer….
A lot of Countries use DST…The United States did not really get into it Totally till about 1966…
There are a lot of Pro’s n Con’s about It…I kind of like It…
So we are left with what I feel is a ‘misnomer’…
I would like to propose that we Start Calling It Spring Shift and Fall Shift
If you have any thoughts on the Subject, Please leave a Comment…

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