February 2011

So far this has been a Busy Month for me…But I have Survived and Stayed Sober doing it…LOL

One of the Things that I am kind of Proud of is that on the 6th of February, I had 17 years of Sobriety…
I did not do this Alone…I do have a Higher Power that I Call GOD…
I do Believe that He/She has kept me Alive and Sober for a Reason….
What that reason is I have know Idea…But I don’t have too Know…

With everything going on I kind of lost track of my Program, No not like that, just what I am doing and why am I here….Kind of took the Easier Softer Way in a lot of things…using my not feeling well too just sit back and coast along…When making a choice of which path to follow…

The only Point being that as soon as you do go down one Path your Thinking that you should have taken the other one…LOL
But as we all Know Life is Not that Simple…
Very Often we are offered many Paths from which to choose…
This is when we have too Listen too Hear God Talking too us…
I have found that there are Times…That God my Higher Power wants me too Forge Ahead just knowing
that He/She is with me but I must make my own Road….
These are the Times that Test a man…
But I have Faith…and Trust in God..”My God”

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


One Comment to “February 2011”

  1. What a lovely lovely post Glenn.Congratulations on your sobriety birthday ..mine is on Saturday too.much love, God bless,Sarah xxx

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