14 Febuary 2011 or St. Valentine’s Day or Cardio Echo Test Day

Such a Fun Day, had to go into the VA Hosp. for this Cardio Echo Test (see below) Not my Heart…
But today’s test proved that I have One, that I seen on the Screen that looked like this…
It’s not a Bad or Hard Test…But it is Cold and they only cover you with a small towel…I think it’s more for the Tech. so they don’t come into too much contact with your Naked upper Body…Then the sliding Jell on the instrument that produces the ultrasound is Cold n Wet…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The simple explanation of the Test is they put the little Electrode Pads (3) Three of them. On your body…setting up X/Y Axis (remember your Math Class) They also add (1) more Electrode Pad that is a little different…So we have X/Y/Z Axis’s they have Added Height to get the 3D effect. OK here I should Explain that the Little Electrodes are like Microphones and the Instrument that the Tech holds is like a Speaker..Only using Ultrasound…Alright are you with me so far…? That’s the Basics, everything after that  is PFM (pure fu**ing Magic) no just kidding…The Computer in the unit takes over and calculates the speed of the  Ultrasound Waves and the reflection off the Heart Tissue and gives you a Graphic Display…

Don’t Ask how I know so much…BTDT…

So that was my St. Valentine’s Day
If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


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