Still Hanging

It’s been a Wild Ride, over the Past few Weeks…Blood Pressure and Hart Rate have come down to a Normal Level for me…But I just do not feel as Good as I did a Few Weeks Ago…

I have a Call into my Doc at the VA Today
I had a Very rough Night Last Night…I had the sensation of not getting enough AIR in my Lungs…
Shortness of Breath
This has been going on all Day Yesterday…every time I moved around or did things I had too STOP and Breath for a few Minutes…
I am on Oxygen 24/7….but Normally I can Sleep with NO, O2 just have it near by.
The Doctor had me STOP using one of my Inhalers that has a STEROID in it…
I am just wondering if this is Part or All my Problem…
Well just Waiting too Hear…I Hope he calls Soon…10:45AM
OK it is Now 17:45 (05:45PM)
I heard from my Primary Care Doctor
And he Said to go back on the Inhaler Medication he had me STOP…
Ahhh…I can Breath Again…
With in a few minutes I was feeling a Whole lot Better…
Starting a New Year of Sobriety to Day God Willing…..

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


One Comment to “Still Hanging”

  1. Hmmm well that's good if it's sorted now! I'm on a steroid inhaler since my rush to ER…making me feel fantastic.I hope you feel MUCH better in your tomorrow. xx

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