Rough Two Weeks

I’m back….About 2 weeks ago my lower Right Side Back was giving me extreme Pain…I could not sleep in bed or when I did lay down had a very rough time getting up n out…kind of had to roll off into a semi standing position…What Sleep I was getting was in my lounge chair….I did have an appointment with my Doc @ the VA…That was on Wed. the 19th…had Blood Lab done and talked to the Doc…He wanted X-Rays…so…Then back to see him later in the day…He gave me some Pills and told me to Rest…Long Day…Did not get home till after 8PM…Anyway pills made me a little Dizzy…Well a little more that Normal…LOL…So on Thur. the 20th they call me from the VA and tell me the Doc wants to see me again on Wed. 26th….Then I have a POWER Interruption…and as I Re-Start my Computer…I have a Power Surge…puter GONE…No GO —No Re-Start…Fri. Morning sore back still a little Dizzy I take the puter to my Favorite puter repair….( I need a New HD well Used a little cheaper…Got puter back…Went to see Doc on Wed. the 26th…Oh yes the Doc did call and tell me the Reason for the Re-visit I had  an elevated White cell count and wanted me to STOP one of my Meds…OK..and get another Blood Lab before seeing him…Go to see him BP n Plu. is HIGH sends me to have EKG….shows Pulse is a little High…Go back to see him…He means well wants me to have Transportation Home because it’s getting late and I still a little Dizzy…LOL…Wateted over an hour n a Half…No transport…Got home by Public transport about 6PM another long day @ the VA…OK kiddy’s on Friday the 28th got up back was feeling a lot better….But I was not…felt like I was out of Phase more that Normal (what ever that is) Any way checked my BP n Pulse were elevated….had lunch but was still not feeling normal…checked my Vitals again n they were even Higher…So I called the VA Help (Reg.Nurse) and she told me to get my Butt to the Hosp. Emergency….So I called 911..That was about 5PM  @ VA. ER. I was monitored and told that I was Dehydrated also with the Meds for my back and my Doc Stopping one of my Meds…A little Stress about the BP n Pulse…the Running around…Stress about the puter and Re-Loading Programs and UP-DATES…
They send me Home in a Transportation Ambulance at 11:30PM with a Script. Which I find on Sat. Morning is only half of what I needed…So I called the VA Phar. n was told to come in and pick up the Rest of the Script on Sunday wich I did…Got to Love the VA….

So here we are or I am…Hydrolyzing taking my Meds and trying not to STRESS….That’s My Story And I’m Sticking too IT….LOL

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


One Comment to “Rough Two Weeks”

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so sorry I didn't know about any of this.I've been so terribly busy back at work …looking for a new job at the coast …etc etc …SO self absorbed of me not to know you were sick and in pain.Sending you much love,Sarah Lulu xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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