A little Review of the Past few Days….

On Saturday 6 people were Killed in Tucson AZ. with in minutes one political party was Blaming the the other party….All the political rhetoric started…Everything was about the Congresswoman that was shot…
the little girl and the Judge and the other people were treated as secondary…

Finally as the Congresswoman was doing better, we started to hear more about the others….

Also the News Media was Breaking News about the shooter almost every 15 minutes…Half the storys were Wrong and just hearsay….

And this brings us to last night…I am no great fan of obamas, but at least he showed up…Went to the Hospital where the Congresswoman was and then was to give a speech at a memorial event, for the little Girl and the people that were killed….OK points awarded for that…

But At the So Called Memorial Event…It was more of a Pep Rally along with T-Shirts….

I just wonder if there were Coffee Cups with Logos
All the clapping and Cheering…sounds like…A Political Event, start of a “Campaign for 2012″…
With the Mantra “Together We Thrive”
I guess “Hope and Change” are Old…
One of these Days Americans will get it Right…

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


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