MMXI or 2011

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Happy New Year
In this New Year I Wish to thank all the People that have Read or at Least Looked at my Blog and Pages…
According to the Counter Map over 600 people have peeked or looked it over…
The Majority of the people were from the USA…
I was very Surprised that people from Varied places in the World took a look…
As can be seen by the Green Dots most are in the USA it would be a big job too Label all the Towns and Cities…
Even just Labeling a few places on photos of my Display Screen…
But I Hope it gives you a Better Idea of Blogging…
And I want to Thank you All that have left Comments….

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


One Comment to “MMXI or 2011”

  1. I see I'm there …. up in my mountain house Armidale NSW Australia … today I'm in Tuncurry NSW Australia .. my beachhouse …which will be my permanent castle very soon.Love you to Glenn, Happy New Year. xx

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