Solstice Winter/Summer

To Day is 21 December 2010 the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the Shortest Daylight Hours and the Longest Night time Hours.

This is also a time of Depression that people suffer from…And it’s not just because of the Holidays..
Even though the Holidays are a Big part of it now…
Way back when, man first came out of the Caves and started to Raise Crops…and started to pay attention to the Sun, Moon and Stars.
Can you imagine that what occurred last night an Eclipse of a Full Moon…
What our Ancestors must have thought….

He may have figured out about the short daylight and the Long Winter Cold till the Spring or the Day with the same amount of Light and Dark….and then the Moon disappearing….
You know that when this guy got up in the Morning, HE WAS DEPRESSED….His Mate or mates probably on his case that they were running low on Meat, so he had to do some Hunting….

It was cold this morning and NO Coffee…Dam…the Kids where making to much noise….And to Top it Off there was that White Stuff out there just past his knee Deep…

Maybe He is Thinking “I can climb to that Ledge and just Fall Off, that will show them”….or he can just keep going on, like we all have done for so long…
Knowing that there will be SUN Shine someday, it will be Warm and he will have plenty of Food…
Just putting one foot in front of the other and doing the Right Thing….

Merry Christmas and things will get Better….

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


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