TSA Part #2

OK, I guess everyone is sick about hearing about TSA…But I just have a few thoughts on this Subject.

One of the First things that comes too mind, is the fact that TSA employees are referred too as Officers.
We see things writen or spoken about them and they are TSA Officers.

When I was growing up I knew there were Police Officers and Military Officers…These were people you were taught to Respect and listen too also take direction from. Most of them Earned the Title after years of Service or Schooling.

Now don’t get me Wrong but why do we call or Introduce people from other Federal Units as Agents: FBI, CIA, NCIS, ATF and Secret Service AGENTS….

Well I am sorry but I just can not Respect these so called TSA ‘OFFICERS’ most of the Airport Screeners
do not deserve this title, there are several other jobs that the TSA Officers do.

The TSA is a component of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and they over all control.

Transportation Security Officer: Also known as screeners, they screen people and property and control entry and exit points within an airport. They also watch several areas before and beyond checkpoints.

Federal Air Marshal: A federal law enforcement officer, a FAM blends in with passengers, to detect, deter, and defeat terrorists and other criminals targeting U.S. air carriers, airports, passengers, crew, and when necessary, other transportation modes.

Transportation Security Inspectors: These inspect, assess, and investigate passenger and cargo transportation systems to see how secure they are. TSA employs roughly 1,000 aviation inspectors, 450 cargo inspectors, and 100 surface inspectors.

National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program: These trainers prepares dogs and handlers to serve as mobile teams that can quickly find dangerous materials. As of June 2008, the TSA had trained about 430 canine teams, with 370 deployed to airports and 56 deployed to mass transit systems.

Budget $ Millions Share
Aviation Security 4,809 71%
Federal Air Marshals 767 11%
Transportation Security Support & Intelligence 524 8%
Aviation Security Capital Fund 250 4%
Checkpoint Screening Security Fund 250 4%
Transportation Threat Assessment & Credentialing 164 2%
Surface Transportation Security 47 1%
Total 6,814 101%

The starting salary for a TSO is $24,432 to $36,648 per year,

For fiscal year 2008, the TSA had a budget of roughly $6.8 billion. Congress appropriated $4 billion and law mandated an additional $500 million, while fees brought in the remaining $2.3 billion.

TSA oversees security for highways, railroads, buses, mass transit systems, pipelines, ports, and 450 U.S. airports. However, the bulk of the TSA’s efforts are in aviation security. The TSA employs around 45,000 Transportation Security Officers, colloquially known as screeners.

Back in 2002 I requested an Application Package too become a TSA Officer…But after Reading over the Requirements I decided not to Pursue the Application…This may have changed but at the time all that was required was a High School Education or Equivalent….To Be an ‘Officer’ well I’m kind of Glad that I did not.

As for the Highly Trained Screeners…..

For some reason most of them do not Instill any Trust…
At times I think we would be a lot safer with out them…. 

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


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