Official Language of the Unites States

Almost 400 years ago the English Language was brought to the North American Continent…In 1620 the Pilgrims, English Separatists at Plymouth Rock. And through the use of  Primitive Sign Language the Pilgrims were able to communicate with the Native People that inhabited this land…At that time the English settlers spoke what is known as the Kings English.

The Birth of American (English) Language was Born.
The English for their part learned the Native Words…Most of the Names of Places in New England carry the Native American Names….
Some of the names, remain the same as in those times and others have been Bastardized.
The same as the Kings English has been Americanized…
As more people arrived in this country and brought their Native Tongue the American Language Evolved..
Someone asked well what about the Native American Language…Should that not be ‘The American Language’….
For the most part many Native American Tribes did not even speak a common language….not even the Basic Sign Language was the same…
And then I am asked ‘Well what about Spanish’…
Yes, Spanish was spoken in the New World before English, in the Islands of the Caribbean and into Mexico..
And from Mexico it moved North into North America along the West Coast as the Spanish enslaved the Native North Americans…There was some small cross of Language but the Spanish were not there to learn the native language…They were the Conquerors and they only wanted Gold…
So enough History…Well maybe a little more. Today as we are Reading this and Speaking to our Friends in American English….our cousins across the Big Pond are Reading English as we are, with slight variations…
But they do not Speak the same as us….Why is this….?
People of a similar Heritage separated by a common Language….To me and this is just my humble opinion..
That somewhere around “The Industrial Revolution”  the Kings Spoken English in England changed as their inner city population changed….This can be seen in the representations, in books and in films as their society changed…I have no problem speaking and being understood by Canadian English or Australian English…or understanding them….But someone from England, I have to keep asking what they mean…
I even understand the Scots…a little easier…The English as far as I can tell the understand me…
So back to why I think American English should be Americas Official Language…
Through out the World English is Taught as a second Language…for Business and Engineering applications,
most if not all Countries of the world have a Official Language…
So what is holding the United States of America back from having a Official Language…
Can someone Please Tell Me….


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