Baby Boomers

You have to understand something about the Boomers.
There is a difference between baby Boomers and Yuppies.

Generation length is 25.2 years in the United States and  and 27.4 years in the United Kingdom.
As a general estimate, thirty years can also be used as an average generation length for humans.
Some say that about 1946 up to approximately 1964, a time that was marked by an increase in birth rates is the defining period….

And others say the social generation of Boomers as the cohorts born from 1943 to 1960, who were too young to have any personal memory of World War II, but old enough to remember the postwar American High.

I came into the Picture in 1947…Sooo…I’m a Boomer and proud of it…..
Let jump forward to 1965, I’m 18 y.o. this is the time of the start of Anti-War, make LOVE not WAR…the Hippies are coming into their own…But there is a diverging culture of the Yuppies…

So let’s see what we have…Boomers that are more less middle of the Road that believe in the American Dream also Believe in their Country…and two diverging sub-groups the Hippies and the Yuppies…
For years all we ever heard about was the Hippies or the LOVE Generation…
You did not hear much about Yuppies then and for years after…Till they got out of Collage with their Degrees and started in Business…So now we are in the early to mid 70s….

So now we are in the 70s and 80s of the Boomer Generation, in our late 20s and early 30s and we are exercising our Rights…These are Heady times…Technology is increasing by leaps and bounds…What is NEW today is OLD by next week…the Information Explosion…We are building a better life for our children…Our Children are coming into the World.

There is still a separation between the middle of the roads, hippies and yuppies…
They tend to work for their own Goals…but at times HELP each other attain something for the Greater Good…

It is the late 80s to the early 90s and our children are coming of age…We have given them everything,
tried to make life EASY for them…We are in our mid 40s and 50s…Time is starting to take its toll…our bodies complain about the abuse of Work and Play…And some of our friends are No longer with us…

We have made it to the 90s and the Millenium and beyond 2010 most of us are in our late 50s and Early 60s
We are Grandparents…And there are a few more friends missing….

So when I hear young people talk about “OLD BOOMERS” I just laugh, I know they would not have what they take for GRANTED now, if it was not for BOOMERS….

                                              Just STOP and THINK

1. Environment: The Boomers were the first generation to broadly embrace environmental protection, and supported and helped enact 90% of all the tangible environmental protection goals ever achieved. And if you think ongoing climate change is human driven, you are reading only one page of the science.

2. Politics: It’s dirty. Was then; is now, and ever more shall be. You can read all about the back stabbings, behind-their-backs lying and all the rest of it right from the dawn of writing. Boomers didn’t invent dirty politics and didn’t even come close to perfecting it, so get off your high-horse and move on.

3. Business: See point two.

4. Religion: Boomers were the first generation to come out of the atheist closet. Besides, the pedos are mostly Silent Gens…not Boomers.

It’s not the Baby Boomers who have failed. It’s the values, morals, and ideology of the reactionaries who stood and still stand against everything the Baby Boomers accomplished in the way of reform of social, religious, economic, political and cultural values and institutions.
Perhaps many Boomers have failed by going over to the enemy–the generations of their parents and grandparents, the values and ethics of their great-grandparents and earlier generations. But they are not the be all and end all of evil and failure.

They’re still supporting you. Grow up, whinny, whinging wee-reactionaries. You’re not going to make a name for yourselves blaming other people willy-nilly. The problems must be addressed and if you misidentify your enemy, you will fail when it comes time for you to address them, which is right about NOW.

If you will return to the 70s, you’ll observe that as everyone was getting screwed by OPEC, up pops the Yuppie, who promptly figured out ways to capitalize on others miseries, abandoned the old way of doing business (meaning, taking care of your loyal employees), used the ‘new’ computer technology to manipulate (read that as SCREW UP) the stock market and raised personal greed to new levels.

While the newly homeless swelled the streets, the yuppies were buying BMWs, starting over priced coffee houses, pushing for SUVs and Hummers, inventing house flipping and investing in crude — the latter which kept gas prices high.

Politics have been corrupt for generations. It’s just that our ‘new’ technology makes it much easier to find out about it. Before, you’d have to read the paper, watch the news or go to the library. Now, you can flip open your cell phone, go to any of about 1000 political watchdog websites and read about which legislator has hemorrhoids and which one spends too much time in a bottle of booze.

So now in my Twilight Years….I can sit back and Blog….

If you have Enjoyed or have any words of encouragement.. Please leave a comment…


One Comment to “Baby Boomers”

  1. You have some very interesting view points!I am also a baby boomer … 1956.

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