A Day of fond Memories

I was chatting with someone about  their Dog this morning and the Training of the Dog for Hunting….This brought back some memories of my Training my Weimaraners….If your not sure about what this Bread looks like….

The Weimaraner breed was originally bred for hunting Lions.
The Weimaraner is an all purpose gun dog…A dog that was originally bred for hunting in the early 19th century. Early Weimaraners were used by royalty for hunting large game such as boar, bear, and deer.
The Weimaraner is an all purpose family dog, capable of guarding the home, hunting with the family, and of course, being loving and loyal towards children.
This breeds short and coat and its unusual eyes give it a regal appearance different from any other breed. The coat is extremely low maintenance, short, hard, and smooth to the touch, and may range from charcoal-blue to mouse-grey to silver-grey.
The eyes of the Weimaraner may be light amber, grey, or blue-grey.
Do not try and out stare one of these guys….When they are pups their eyes are light blue…
They do have a hard time walking at first do to the long legs and heavy upper body…
They tend to trip a lot at first…
They do not do well in kennels…They need companionship…
Male Weimaraner stands between 25 and 27 inches… and males normally weigh roughly 70-80 pounds.
Females are between 23 and 25 inches and females are generally between 55-70 lbs.
A Weimaraner should give the appearance of a muscular, athletic dog.
Weimaraners are fast and powerful dogs, but are suitable home animals given appropriate training and exercise. These dogs are not as sociable towards strangers, Weimaraners are very protective of their family and can be very territorial. They can be aloof to strangers, and must be thoroughly socialized when young to prevent aggression.When intimidated or angered, a weimaraner’s hair will spike up on the middle of its back and the tail will point directly upward. When this happens get out of the way ‘They look like the Dog from Hell”…Once two Dobermans attacked my Gus wile I was walking him on the leash…He killed the two of them in less than 30 seconds…
They Love the Snow…Plus they Love the Water also…
They have Webed paws of a Water Dog…
They can make you laugh….
Or make you feel like you did something Dumb…
But it’s good to see that they are on Guard Duity at Night…
Did I say I loved my Weimaraners…..

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