Did I accomplish what I set out to do Today…

I could say YES to this, I went to the Food Market this was on my list of things to do….One of the Items that I wanted to pickup was some Ben-Gay ointment my left leg is still bothering me…and I have been favoring it  and the muscles in  the right leg are acting up….Any way I get the Ben-Gay and right next to it is this K-Y warming Jelly….’I LOST IT RIGHT THERE’… I have to go over to the Produce section for a few items but this cartoon keeps flashing in my head…Soooo….Needless to Say…

I walked around Looking at the Fruits and Vegetables holding the K-Y Jelly the Large Family size…
I did get some Very Strange Looks…I wish I had someone filming it…
I am sitting here with a Grin on my Face remembering the Looks and some Smiles…

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