Sunday Night Long Day

It’s been a long day, did not sleep well last night and when I did nod out I got up at 0700…Through the whole day out of Whack….

No football games that interested me today…So I spent almost all day on the net….
Have been in some pain today not as bad as yesterday but enough…
Friday when I was going to go out, I went over to the elevator and it was out of order,
the gentleman that was working on it did not know what I was talking about when I asked when it would be fixed….I was finally able to make him understand that I wanted to use it…And he told me it would be maybe one or two hours…So down the stairs I go with the Walker and my O2 bottle 3 flights….
It seems that I pulled the Muscles in the front part of my left leg between the knee and hip…
When I got home about an hour and a half later they had just finished the elevator…
But yesterday Saturday when I wanted to check the Mail the Elevator was down again….
And most of today from what I understand….
So just Remember…

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