Long Day

As I posted before about my cousin, ‘A Day of Mourning’ all the memories that keep pop in and out of my mind…Plus the E-Mails and Messages…
I can not Dwell…I will only have Happy Memories…

But other things Vex us the living…Heard on the Grapevine (rummer mill) the powers that be are raising the rents after the first of the year…

Also it seems that the city of Miami is getting ready to dig up the street in front of the building I reside in…

The dashed white line in the center of the street, where there is an (x) 3 spots is where the pipes join to the Main…As you can see where they had to do a repair about 2 years ago Lg. rectangle left side. That area has become a depression…they had to do a hole patch about a month ago…The pipe that joins there comes from the parking lot side of the street…The other 2 spots right center come from the property that I live on….

They were also marking where other lines are, under the sidewalk this could be Telephone Cables…
All  I know is that when they start these projects, they tend to stretch them out (milk them)…..
This is also the Main Drive Way for the Buildings…
Oh well time to put this Day to Rest….

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