Interesting Day

Well I made it to the VA. Hosp. today…

There has always been a problem with parking, I have not Driven there in about Three years, I have always taken Public Transportation or STS (Special Transport Service) $3 a one way trip…But today was my worst nightmare…Drove around the Building and out the other side…They had done some building (Fisher House) and are continuing with Improvements….Anyway I go back to the parking lot entrance, I had seen some Construction Trucks by the back of the Fisher House Apts. so I went over there and there were a few parking spots…They have Golf Carts that pick you up and drop you off at an Entrance…

Follow the Yellow brick Road in and out the far side…
Then the Red Road to my Lucky Spot and the Blue Road to an Entrance…
People do not Realize how Big the VA. Hosp. is most only see the Front….
(When I worked there I spent most of my time in the Basement…LOL…)
OK…I go and check-in only had about a five minute wait till my number was called…Right goto Lab…I’m not in the request from my Doctor for ‘Blood Lab’ work…So they call his Nurse, she tell lab people 10 min. HaHaHa…half hour later  still no request…they call again…It’s on it’s way…another 10 min. Yea they finally get it…So they take five vials of MY BLOOD…I have to say the Ladies that work there are Great…I felt my Tech. put the rubber strap in my arm and tap in my Elbow area when I looked back she had two vials filled…That Quick..I have had others that have kept sticking me and ask if they could take the Blood from my Hand…

Also they felt sorry for me so they gave me a Chit for a Free Lunch…LOL…


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