Well it’s Saturday Night

And I’ve made it this far…I may have pissed off a few people today…I hope they get over it, Life is to short…I know that few have got my ire up to day….It’s the same old thing, people posting OLD News…
Trying to get other people all rilled up…The news was about Five years old and this guy was acting and posting like it happened a few days ago….all the lemmings were out raged that this had happened, like only yesterday…These are the people, I just wish I could grab and slap till they get their act together…

So just in case I’ll back this up and be back later…I’m back, your all so Lucky…LOL…
I did accomplish a few things on here the ‘Blog’ …Added the counter Map…
Plus the American Flag…I did post on a few of my Pages (Friend of Bills) and others…But it is time to put this Baby to bed…Till yonder Morning breaks…I bid you Ado…

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