It’s Morning…

It’s not even a T.G.I.F. it’s  about waking up…When you wake in the morning on your own, you tend to have a better day.

But too be woken up by a very loud noise outside…even tho it is your normal wake up time…Take this morning I was awaken by a ride around mower and two leaf blowers at about 6:10 AM, A commercial lawn care company cutting the grass for the Taco Bell across the street. This is not Good….

I do tend to get a little Grouchy….So be Warned….

One Comment to “It’s Morning…”

  1. Oh dear that is so early for such noise!There is a building site next to me ….a new house but they never start before 7am (on weekdays) they don't work weekends ..and they try where possible to keep the noise down until they see my car leave for work. SO considerate.

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