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Some of you may know, some may have suspected and others may not care…But If It bothers you…Please leave and don’t let the Door hit you in the Ass on the way out..Thank You…the Mgmt..

Now that we have the formalities over with, I just got home from a Great Meeting…I have not been to in many years. The 12 noon Sunday ‘Slippers Meeting’ by my count a little over 100 people. The Lady that Shared was a little younger then me with about 8 years time…but she hit on a few Great points..But one of the guys that had a chance to say a few words said something he heard at the State Convention…That this program “Teaches us God Reliance” and this hit me like the proverbial ton of Bricks…How I have over the years come to Rely on the God of my understanding

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