This Blog is more or less about my sometimes daily Musings or Rantings. The main ‘About’ page is just to guide you to the


here I have endeavored to separate, various thoughts and Ideas.

(rep-ro-bate) n. A morally unprincipled person…

Also Please leave a Comment, To Stroke my EGO…LOL…

Persons Attempting To Find a Motive in this Narrative will be Prosecuted;

Persons Attempting To Find a Moral In It Will be Banished; Persons Attempting To Find a Plot In It Will be Shot.

BY ORDER OF THE AUTHOR, Per G.G., Chief of Ordnance.

This Blog has the remanet of my Blog over at Blogspot(Musing)…Had to many problems over there log in/out due to Google…Posts before mid-November.

This is also my Main Blog so I will be Posting here more often but I have Five other Blogs,  that tend to follow a thought Line.

You may Enjoy my other Blogs: http://ggmyblogtoo.wordpress.com/, http://myshare06feb94.wordpress.com/, http://thebalcony147.wordpress.com/, http://whywhoareyou.wordpress.com/, http://arewereally147.wordpress.com/

You may find out more than you want to about me…in the other Blogs. So why tell all ABOUT me in one place…The point of writing a Blog is for people to Read IT.


2 Comments to “About”

  1. Hi Glen, just checking out your blog since you just followed mine. Thanks for that.

    I love your humor, especially the WARNING–“my humor may hurt your feelings sign” on one of your blogs.

  2. Glen, thanks for the sub…but “Baying” is my old now defunct site. all is at Barking in the Dark. see u there? and will check u out asap. continue

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